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1.  Experience


We have over 50 years combined experience among our staff of four.  Dentistry is a technique-sensitive profession that requires proper attention to detail plus personal and focused involvement from our staff toward your care and concerns.  We have chosen dentistry as our profession, in part, because we believe in providing you with quality care at the time of your visit and follow-up care after services are rendered.  We are also here to help you file insurance claims, if necessary, and to encourage you to obtain optimal dental health and to retain that health over your lifetime.

2.  Proper Use of Current Dental Technology

Since it's introduction to the dental profession in 2009 to assist dentists in earlier detection of oral cancer, our office has been using the VELscope.  The VELscope (Visually Enhanced Lesion Scope) is an adjunctive diagnostic tool that helps dentists detect abnormal tissue cells.  A recent report identifies 40,000 oral cancer cases annually.  Along with the traditional oral cancer screening method, the use of a VELscope helps us to insure we are doing everything possible to help make sure your oral health is intact.  More information:  www.velscope.com.

The Spectra Caries Detection Aid provides images on the monitor in front of you to help us properly and accurately diagnose decay below the tooth's surface.  The use of this non-invasive blue light technology has been in use for nearly 40 years but was recently introduced for clinical use by dentists.  Decay can be discovered below and adjacent to old restorations that need replacement.  This technology provides early decay detection, helps to insure conservation of tooth structure, and can often save the patient expensive but avoidable dental procedures.  More information :  www.airtechniques.com

Additionally, we use 80% less radiation when taking digital x-rays and intraoral cameras to help you understand current conditions of your teeth and surrounding soft tissue. 

3.  Tooth Whitening That Works

There are many tooth whitening systems available to the consumer that can be purchased from a local retailer or from your dental office.  They all work to some extent - some systems work better than others.  After trying several brands over the years we have found that the Opalescence product will work for most tooth shades, even the hard to remove gray and brown shades.  Of course results will vary and patient compliance is tantamount to success but, whether done via in-office whitening, at home, or a combination of the two, this product will work for you.  We will interview you and determine which strength and method of whitening will work best for you.  More information:  www.ultradent.com

4.  High Quality Dental Laboratories

When our teeth show various signs of aging (for example, significant decay, worn out fillings, tooth fractures) they often require a more durable restoration.  We use only the finest materials for your crown and bridge restorations.  There have been many exciting improvements with the composition and esthetics of laboratory fabricated dental restorations - especially in the past 10 years.  We make sure to provide you with a functional but esthetic restoration that fits well and feels great in your mouth.  Our labs are excellent and they are right here in Tucson.


Combining Function And Beauty

We combine expertise with state-of-the-art technology to deliver an unmatched patient experience.



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