Dr. Flynn's Transition and Retirement Letter

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June 19, 2020


Dear Patient(s),


There are certain moments in our lives that leave an indelible mark on us and we remember those times like they just occurred yesterday.  I still clearly remember the beautiful, sunny graduation day in Detroit, Michigan.   It was May, 1982 when Commencement for my graduating dental school class was held at the Ford Auditorium in downtown Detroit.   It’s hard to believe that 38 years have passed so quickly.  A patient once told me, “the days are long but the years are short.”  That often seems to be the case in my life.


For some time I have been contemplating a transition from dentistry toward other endeavors – some known and, perhaps, some yet unknown.  For the past 18 years I have been blessed beyond my imagination by wonderful patients like you who have supported me in my dental practice.  As I have tried to encourage you with your oral health, I have learned so much from each of you.   You have provided me with perspective and understanding, taught me patience, educated me about places you’ve visited, and you’ve shown me what a wonderful community of people we have.  I thank you so much for being my patient and for just being you.


I am very fortunate to have found the perfect person to assume the significant responsibility of becoming your new full-time dentist.  Dr. Joel Rutledge is a highly regarded, experienced general dentist from Memphis, TN.  Since earning his dental degree from the University of Tennessee in 2002, Dr. Rutledge has educated himself in the placement of implants, earning the distinction of Diplomate in the  International Dental Implant Association.   Besides implant dentistry, Dr. Rutledge will also offer services such as Invisalign, smile makeovers and, of course, he will always be available to you for any of your dental needs, both large and small.  Like me, he bases his professional relationship with you on trust, integrity, and honest communication.  To be sure, Dr. Rutledge will become my dentist, too!


Because he recognizes the importance of remaining current with his dental knowledge, Dr. Rutledge attends courses around the United States and abroad.  He has even volunteered his time and talent placing implants in the Dominican Republic.


Dr. Rutledge and his wife, Ali, are very familiar with Tucson.  They have been visiting Tucson for the past 16 years and they are excited to make Oro Valley their new home.  They are both seasoned triathletes who compete in Ironman competitions all over the world!  Plus, they love spending time with their Welsh terrier, Lily. 


Although Dr. Rutledge will formally become your primary dentist on July 1st, I will continue practicing part-time in his practice until the end of this year.  My well-trained staff will remain intact and continue as your dental care professionals.  Please welcome Dr. Rutledge to the practice with me.  We both look forward to seeing you soon!



James M. Flynn, DDS

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